Open Notebooks

It’s beautiful when someone you admire asks you to work with them. Karen McCarthy is one of my favourite London poets, and this week we’ve embarked on a creative correspondance – sending letters to each other in an exchange we hope will prompt new poems for both of us. This is part of Karen’s Open Notebooks project with Spread the Word, – a blog where she explores the process of making poems, by scribbling and collecting thoughts, words and images in a virtual space, joined by other writers and poets along the way. Today I received my first letter from Karen and wrote my first post on her blog. Visit to have a read…

One thought on “Open Notebooks

  1. Hey Miriam,

    Looking forward to seeing what comes of this. There is something about the idea of ‘creative correspondence’ that I like a lot.

    It’s good to know the letter isn’t quite a lost art.


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