The Nine Mothers

I am so proud to be collaborating with my mother, Christina Edlund-Plater, on The Nine Mothers of Heimdallr, a new illustrated pamphlet with Hercules Editions. The poem re-imagines the Norse Creation Myth from the perspective of the half-god Heimdallr’s nine mothers: nine giants who are named in surviving Norse texts, but whose stories no longer exist, or remain untold.

All my life, I’ve watched my mother make art, filling the house with origami boxes, wind chimes made from beach drift, skilfully stitched clothes and bags. She only recently began to identify as an artist, after immersion in creativity to survive a protracted illness.


In the Norse Creation, the first being, Ymir, neither male or female, emerges where the primordial ice and fire meet. Buri, the first god, is discovered buried in the ice. Christina’s art playfully mirrors this process, placing the work under ice in the freezer and in the microwave to achieve the final felted image.


My grandmother, Christina’s mother, came from Sweden. She gave us both a love of storytelling and creation which lives in this project, our first intentional artistic collaboration.

Artwork by Christina Edlund-Plater

Text design by Andrew Lindesay.

The poem, ‘The Nine Mothers of Heimdallr’ was originally commissioned by Bedtime Stories for the End of the World.

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